Located at the former Safari Golf Course
208 W. 35th Parkway, Chanute KS 66720

Walking Trails

Each trail is marked with a color-coded sign.  There will be a QR code located at Lakeview linked to these maps.

Red Route (1.75 miles)
This trail/loop would be great for a nice bike/run/walk and goes over 2 bridges by 3 bodies of water. Great view

Green Route (1 mile)
This is a nice trail/loop utilizing the front side of the course at Lakeview.​

Blue Route (2.20 miles)

This Trail/Loop follows old cart trail and goes around the entire course. Crosses the big cement bridge and the old wooden bridge.

White Route (.70 miles)
This trail/loop can be utilized as a warm up for people wanting to work out at the play ground area.